Sunday Morning Worship Time

10:00am Coffee, Tea and Conversation

10:30am Worship and Sunday School

The January church website is presented to the glory of God,

and in loving memory of parents and grandparents,

Agnes and Jim Northover and Anita and Bill Ramey,

gift of Gary, Debbie, Stefan and James Ramey.





As followers of Jesus Christ, Bridgewater United Church is a church family that values each person as equal and unique loving expressions of God with gifts and talents to share. People of all ages, gender, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, differing abilities, ethnic background, economic circumstance and those experiencing other barriers that limit inclusion are welcome to fully participate in all our ministries.

Mission Statement

Co-creating with the Holy Spirit, we celebrate God’s presence with vitality, hope and thanksgiving by: providing Christian education and fellowship for children, youth and adults; nurturing and caring for ourselves and others; extending hospitality, and; supporting outreach within and beyond.



We value energetic engagement in our:

 Spiritual Health


Acceptance of all

Responsiveness to the world

Love for God, creation, self and others

BUC Governance Handbook

BUC Governance Handbook

BUC Annual Report 2017

BUC Annual Report 2017