The Manual of the United Church of Canada sets out a requirement for each Pastoral Charge to have a formagoverning body. The governing body is the court of the Pastoral Charge, one of three levels of courts within the United Church and is the principle decision making body for the pastoral charge. The Manual establishes certain requirements, structures, membership criteria and responsibilities for a governing body (United Church Manual 2019, Section B.7). Appendix A of this document contains definitions drawn from the United Church Manual.

Bridgewater United Church (BUC), a Pastoral Charge of the United Church of Canada, has established a Church Council as its governing body; as such, the Council is the court of BUC. The structure, membership, mandate and operations of the governing body, as set out in this document, are intended to adhere to the requirements of the United Church Manual and, in the event of a conflict or question of interpretation, the United Church Manual is understood to be the governing document.

All activities of the Bridgewater Pastoral Charge shall be carried out by, or organized through, the Church Council and its committees. Any responsibilities not otherwise assigned shall be the responsibility of the Church Council.


CHAIR - Dr. Ewart Morse

VICE-CHAIR - David Walker

SECRETARY - Corrine Zinck

FINANCE - Brian Buck

TREASURER - Blake Hirtle

LEAD MINISTER - Reverend Jeff Chant