The United Church Manual sets out general responsibilities of the Pastoral Charge governing body and BUC adopts the following additional responsibilities:

In general, the role of the Church Council is fourfold:

1. establish policy for the congregation at large;

2. exercise oversight for all ministries, roles and groups accountable to the congregation;

3. provide a forum for future visioning of the congregation’s life and goals; and

4. fulfil various administrative functions required by the United Church of Canada.


Dr. Laurel Cowie - Past-Chair to Church Council

Jack Logan - Regional Council 15

Reverend Jeff Chant - Lead Minister

Angela Clifton - Pastoral Care Coordinator and Parish Nurse

Anne Gatchell - Board of Trustees

Tracy Rafuse - Faith Formation Committee

Vacant - Communications Committee

Joan MacDonald and Heather Fifield - Pastoral Care Committee

Marg Forbes - Ministry and Personnel Committte

Sam Elsworth - Nominating Committee

Randall Knox - Property Committee

Brian Buck - Finance Committee

Shelley Moran - Worship Committee

Dr. Laurel Cowie - Inclusivity Committee

Bev. Burgess - Member at Large

Karen Crouse - Member at Large

Church Council Minutes ~ January 23, 2019

Church Council Minutes ~ February 27, 2019

Church Council Minutes ~ March 27, 2019

Church Council Minutes ~ April 24, 2019

Church Council Minutes ~ May 22, 2019

Church Council Minutes ~ June 26, 2019

Church Council Minutes ~ September 25, 2019