As women of faith,
We believe in nurturing Christian spirituality by reaching outthrough commitment and devotion to all God’s peoplein the promotion of truth, justice, peace,  caring, and respect for all throughout the earth, God’s world;
We believe in honouring God the Creator,  and loving others through generous givingand joyful living;
And we believe in affirming andstrengthening ourselves both individually and together through creative study, prayer, and action.

Mission Statement

Love God Foster Christian commitment, faithfulness, and spirituality. Promote respect and love for all God’s creation.

Membership is open to any woman who is in agreement with the Purpose of the United Church Women, and who is willing to participate on a regular basis with her prayers, gifts, and services for the work of the church in the world.



PRESIDENT - Ruth Rudderham

SECRETARY - Linda Rowter

TREASURER - Bev Burgess



Christmas Meeting 2017

Christmas Meeting 2017